Who is really just one, not more?

Well, where to begin…

I’ve decided on “many lives in one” because that is how I feel in my life. My life is not just one journey, it is full of journeys. Just like I am not one personality or one person.

So far in my life I am or have been a daughter, granddaughter, sister, niece, school student, girlfriend, public servant, actress, trainee, professional temp, fiancee, wife, divorcee, public servant, Navy Officer, wife, mother, veteran, patient, Retired Military Officer, person with mental illnesses (yes, plural) and just plain me.

How many of us have felt there is more to life until we start looking more closely at our own? Some of my roles in life have hurt me deeply. Others have fulfilled me in ways I never thought possible.

With this blog I am going to open a window into my life, both past and present. The plight of a woman who has served in uniform and has the mental and physical scars to contend with as well as being the wife I want and aim to be to my husband who is a veteran also. Share what it is like to be the mum of a fantastic little boy who has mild autism who helps keep me grounded most of the time.

This may interest some, it may not but I hope you will want to share this journey and new persona of “blogger” with me.


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